Monasterio Focus on: Janina aka JSR

This Friday Janina is playing at our Monasterio 'Season 2013' Closing party. Time for a Focus On.

- Hello Janina! As you know we use to start interviews with this simple (but usual) question: how are you feeling today?

- Helloo, thanx I'm fine :-)

- We firstly want to ask you about you new project 'JSR'. How do you get to the point where you decide to play with a new name?

- I decided to do it finally when I entered first time Monasterio club in April. Since 13 years I am in this techno thing. I started with 15 to buy music and going out in clubs... One of my biggest influlences is Tresor club and all this music what happened in berlin 13 years ago. I always bought music but i never had a place to realize this project. Acually it's nothing new, it's just official now that I play techno!

- Let's go back to 'Janina'. Tell us about some of your first DJing experiences in Club Der Visionare..

- I started to play at club der Visionare when I was 18 so 10 years ago. I met gregor the owner of the club at Panorama Bar at some midday. Since that I am a residend there and I need to say without Gregor I wouldnt be here now. The whole Club der Visionare is the best thing what could happened in my life. I learned so much there!

- We also read that you're kind of vinyl addict. What is the first one you've bought?

- Kirlian (aka Abe Duque) - Chicken Wings & Beef Fried Rice
- Blake Baxter - Our luv

- What DJs appealed to you the most?

- I need to say that Richie Hawtin is one of the biggest influlences 10 years ago but I can't say he is my favorite right now.. for sure James Ruskin and Scan 7. There are also so many like Zip, Margaret Dygas, Cassy for me they are my fav <3 Also all the detroit techno scene.

- You're now constantly in Moscow. Does the city inspire you?

- First 5 months I didn't like the city that much ;( and I will not move here, I juts spend some time here and my homebase will be Berlin with my family and all my friends. But now I love it! It's really intresting to see how the techno music is growing up in Russia now. It's so nice to see every week-end more and more people they get into this music and are so happy about it.

- Are they any similarities between Berlin techno scene and Moscow?

- It reminds me totally when the techno started in Berlin.

- Tell us about when you first met Monasterio..

- It was in april 2013 when I got booked as Janina. I changed my ticket and had a long long weekend in the club. Since that iam here... and it's impossible to leave this club!

- How do you personally feel the club?

- It's already a part of my life.

- You're also playing soon at Berghain which is another temple of techno. This kind of places defenetly need preparation. What sort of training do you have?

- Next question please ;)

- Can you talk a little bit about how you construct your sets?

- I can say I think to much about it. I'm a girl for sure I think to much... At the end everything is wasted in my case! Not always so organized like it should be maby..

- What's your philosophy as a DJ?

- For me there is no philosophy.

- What's up next for you? A first 'JSR' release?

- I am working for a remix for Stefano Mendesidis on Synchrophone Records and with another version of Nikita Zabelin wich are both residents of the Monasterio club, newcomers in the techno, we will hear about them in the furute I am pretty sure. And also working one my label.. It will called 'JSR' ;)