Regis: "Expect some solid UK techno played in a brutal stylish way"

2013 is coming to an end and for the final round we got the chance to meet Regis and talk about his upcoming performance at Monasterio.

- First, how are you feeling today? You've just come back from Prague and Amsterdam...

- Today I feel good, I had a long sleep and am ready for action!

- How was 2013 for you? Tell us briefly...

- Many changes, I moved to New York and now live with my Girlfriend Veronica Vasicka who runs minimal wave records... So lots of music at home now.

- You're playing "Blueprint Rec. NYE at Monasterio" in a few days. What are you expecting about this 'Blueprint' event?

- Solid UK techno played in a brutal stylish way.

- You're also performing live as O/V/R with James Ruskin. What is your live set-up? How do you proceed? Is anybody leading the duo?

- O/V/R is two people playing in isolation that somehow manage to sound as one.

- You've already played at Monasterio.. How do you feel the Russian techno scene?

- Yes, I've played Monasterio before... It was pure techno. I loved it, and I met some many amazing supporters who brought Regis CDs for me to sign... These supporters were true people. If that's the Russian techno scene, I admire the passion.

- Any 2014 wish-list?

- I already got it ; )

- What can people from Monasterio expect from a NYE with Regis?

- High Drama and more fun than you could shake a stick at!

- Thank you and Happy New Year!

- Boss!