Recondite: "A nice cooperation between Monasterio and my music"

We've had a chat with Recondite about Dystopian, classical music, gear and Monasterio.

Hello Recondite! First, how are you?
Good! Just getting into the Moscow vibe.

Your next Dystopian release 'Nasdat' will be out in a few days now. Well, Nasdat itself is a Russian-influented argo from Anthony Burgess novella 'A clockwork Orange'. Could you tell us a little bit more?
Yes I know - it's a weird mix of many languages. 'Clockworks Orange' and other works by Stanley Kubrick are quite big in my family. I thought it would be a nice association to the Dystopian crew and as we like to use movie related track titles I thought it would be cool.

So, you're playing this Friday at Monasterio. First time. How do you feel the venue?
Yes - first time Monasterio and Moscow and Russia. We went to the venue on Thursday afternoon, and I was very impressed. The building looks impressive from the inside and the dance floor, the booth, bar and sound system looks amazing. A very professional impression!

What is your live set-up? And what is your favortie droog? Sorry, gear?
My setup is easy: I use 3 midi controllers (A&H K2 and Akai LPD) and a laptop running Ableton from where I play samples, drums, tracks and vocals. I have to say that Ableton itself is my most beloved tool as it let s me fullfill my ideas in a incomparable way.

What is the first word coming in mind when you talk about Dystopian Records? I mean, what makes the label's spirit?
A vibe designated to the bleak urban life. Which is something that came to my live not from the beginning as I grew up in the countryside. All the other Dystopian guys grew up in Berlin so we have a different background but I feel very happy about the opportunity I got to work with a bunch of really good people. We have differences but we respect each other and actually take benefit of that fact.

After listening to 'Hinterland' for a few times.. it brought lots of emotions to us. Each track seems to show us different faces of you. And here, in Moscow, especially in Monasterio, emotions are the main part of life and music. You know, Russia got his own cultural history of feelings: the Russian soul, they say.
I would like to learn more about the Russian soul! It would be interesting to know a little bit more of the emotions, a person who grew up in Moscow has throughout his life. Maybe I can understand a bit more about it when i see how people react on my music tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it!

Monasterio logo is a old-Vicking sign to say "we are your nightguards". Are you feeling like a guardian of melancholic / organic techno?
I can't say that I'm feeling like a 'guard', but of course I'm aware of the musical ideas I am maybe known for, and I'm very happy about this association, as it feels real and authentic for me.

You said you're influenced by Gustav Mahler. Is classical music and techno closer than we think?
In fact YES! I did'nt tell this to a lot of people, but I'm currently working on classical music pieces that are influenced by the way of approaching the production of a techno/idm production. I am trying to build these connections at the moment. Listening to classical music gives me a break of all the beat based music I'm working with and clears my head - thats why I appreciate it.

In an Resident Advisor ITW you said about Berlin and cities: "I can't take it if I don't go to the woods for a period of longer than three weeks. It's the air and everything, the birds, I don't know, it's very important for me." As you're now touring a lot, do you still find some time to head out of the cities?
Of course! I could'nt go on if I would'nt. For example: I'm going straight to munich and from there to my home for 5 days, and I will charge my nature batteries big time!

And then, does the nature from other countries sounds different to you? Any favourite one?
Of course. It's different almost everywhere. For example when I played for Organik Festival in Taiwan the booth had a view to the pacific which was like 50 meters away.. Surrounded by rainforest and mointains.. That was very special!

Any word to your Moscow fans? What can we expect from you on Friday?
What I think now is that I'll play a little slower at the beginning and build up to a energy level, my good friend Rodhad can continue from there will be a really nice cooperation between the vibe of the club and my music in my expectations...

Looking forward!
Thank u!