Dear friends and techno-lovers.

Dear friends and techno-lovers.

2014 year became the year when Monasterio club got closed. We didn't make any announcement and don't wanna talk about it or why it happened.
We are confident in what we can create and you know who we are, so let's move on.
We are now a brand that will continue techno-propaganda in Russia according to that what we trust in.
The name of our projects can differ, but we suggest you to believe only our Official Site to avoid any wrong info.

we are happy to announce that Monasterio will be hosting a series of it's brand nights 2015 in the best venue of the city - Space Moscow.

The first party will happen on 20th Feb 2015.
The line-up can be called "Best Hits of Monasterio" and consists of the brightest techno artists that played in the legendary location from the very beginning and at the biggest of it's events.

Info about the 2nd event will be announced at the party on 20th Feb 2015

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